Driving Sprayers: Issue 1 Winter 2023

Welcome to the first edition of Driving Sprayers.

In this issue Jason Bateman discusses our passion for solving spraying problems, we hear from operators running current and legacy Bateman sprayers, plus Carl Goff is in the field and we share in-depth insights into E-Drive transmission, Bateman Boom Levelling and Pinpoint III PWM.

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Managing Director Jason Bateman

Spraying is in our DNA

Recently, whilst showing a customer around our latest machine, I was asked if I could describe what had gone into the making of it? My immediate response was ‘heart and soul’…

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Agronomist Matthew Alford walking the fields at Bycott Farm

Walking the walk

We’ve farmed at Bycott since 1968, it remains a working arable farm today. Our agronomist is Matthew Alford. Matthew has worked with us for the past 4 years, but our association stretches much further…

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Sam Kay of Wharram and Kay with their RB35 crop sprayer

Sam Kay – Straight Talking

Sam Kay works at Wharram & Kay, an arable farm based in Yorkshire. The business has run Bateman Sprayers for over a decade, and Sam talks us through the latest RB35 on the farm…

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david jones rb35 crop sprayer owner

David Jones – Straight Talking

David Jones is a partner in JH & M M Jones, based just outside Stratford upon Avon. The business grows 1100 hectares of combinable crops – wheat, oilseed rape, winter barley and spring beans…

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Bateman Sprayer operator Stuart Burman

Customer interview with Stuart Burman

Customer interview with Stuart Burman. Stuart Burman is a Warwickshire based arable farmer and contractor. Currently running two Bateman Sprayers, Stuart talks here about the benefits of the service and support he receives, and why he won’t entertain driving any other make of sprayer. Can you tell us about the work you do? We’re a…

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carl goff, technical sales manager for bateman sprayers

Introducing Carl Goff

Introducing Carl Goff. Carl Goff recently joined us to assume the role of Technical Sales Manager for the South. At the close of his intense two-week induction at Bateman HQ, we caught up with Carl and posed a few questions to him… What are your first impressions of Bateman? Professional and very welcoming, whilst making…

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Bateman Boom Levelling (BBL) spraying system

Simply Better with Bateman Boom Levelling

Simply Better, with Bateman Boom Levelling. The Bateman ethos of ‘innovation simply applied’ comes in part from our background as farmers. Innovation is important, farmers and growers are always looking for those marginal gains that make such a big difference, but if you are making things better simplicity must be at the core. Our latest…

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bateman rb35 crop sprayer fitted with e-drive transmission

New E-Drive gives you even more control

New E-Drive gives you even more control. We pride ourselves on ‘keeping the wheels turning’ for our customers and maintaining the our position as ‘second to none’ for self-propelled crop sprayers. The philosophy of innovative thinking, simply applied, drives our business as much today as when the first Bateman was built nearly 50 years ago.…

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Bateman Pinpoint III Pulse Width Modulation

Blended Pulse Nozzle Control with Capstan Ag Pinpoint III

Blended Pulse Nozzle Control with Capstan Ag Pinpoint III. Developed with our partner, Capstan AG, PinPoint III Envelop™ is the next generation of blended pulse width modulation (PWM) system. PinPoint III combines the pressure control and performance valve driving of PinPoint II but adds ISOBUS VT/UT compatibility along with full rate controller functionality, expanding the…

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