Preowned Parts

The used parts listed below are not sold directly by us.
They are offered for sale by their respective owners, with appropriate contact details supplied for each listing.
f you are looking for more information on these items or any pre-owned Bateman that we are helping the owner promote, please contact Scott Dunham on 01769 580439 (office) or 07977 279809 (mobile) and he will be happy to assist you.

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Flotation Tyres · Ref: 090621

Flotation Tyres
£2500 Ex VAT

Trelleborg Tyres · Ref: 150421

Trelleborg Tyres
£4000 Ex VAT

Sprayer Tyres · Ref: 140421

Sprayer Tyres
£2500 Ex VAT

Goodyear Terra Tyres · Ref: 101220

Goodyear Terra Tyres
£900 Ex VAT

Trelleborg Tyres · Ref: 041220

Trelleborg Tyres and Wheels Set
£2000 Ex VAT

Trelleborg Wheels and Tyres · Ref: 261120

Trelleborg Tyres and Wheels Set
Preston area
£4700 Ex VAT

Mitas 540/65 R28 Tyres and Wheels · Ref: 151020

Mitas Tyres and Wheels Set
Chesterfield area
£3500 Ex VAT

LH5000 Rate Controller · Ref: 091020C

LH5000 Rate Controller
£350 Ex VAT

Mitas Wheels and Tyres · Ref: 310820

Mitas Wheels and Tyres
£2650 Ex VAT

Trelleborg Tyres for RB35 · Ref: 100820

Trelleborg Tyres for RB35
£3000 Ex VAT

Trelleborg Twin Radials · Ref: 140220

Trelleborg Twin Radials
£2000 Ex VAT