Great British Sprayers

We’re proud producers of Great British Sprayers

Every aspect of a Bateman sprayer is custom designed and built at Bycott, the home of R.J. Bateman Engineering since 1976.

Bateman’s tradition of sprayer engineering is unlike any other manufacturer. It’s the result of highly skilled people driven by creating the very best self-propelled sprayers, but also passing their skills on to the next generation.

Designed and built in-house

There are many advantages to designing and building our sprayers entirely in-house. Rather than taking an off the shelf component, we’ll design, prototype and make a bespoke component that’s 100% dedicated to the sprayer.

Bateman are the only manufacturer who make a cab specifically for a sprayer. The benefit? It means our Panoramic 3 cab works in complete harmony with our chassis, unlike third-party alternatives that result in inevitable compromise.

We never stop listening

We’re equally committed to quality control. Our teams spend hours in the factory and on our fields. We ensure every inch of every machine doesn’t just meet a standard, but sets the standard for the industry.

Collaboration has always been king at Bateman and forms the backbone of every partnership we’ve built with farmers and contractors across the UK and beyond. We never stop listening to our customers, and your feedback is actively encouraged – because when knowledge is shared, innovations happen.

Our customers and prospective Bateman owners are always welcome to visit our factory for a guided tour.
To arrange your visit please contact our Head Office on: 01769 580439

Three Great British Sprayers

The RB26

Lightweight design, heavyweight performance.

The most agile and compact sprayer in the Bateman range, the RB26 is the ideal solution for growers requiring a highly capable machine when spraying in challenging conditions.

The RB35

Capable, on all terrains.

A popular machine with farmers and growers, the RB35 offers faster road speeds, greater tank capacity and exceptional spraying capability in hilly terrain.

The RB55

More capacity, less compaction.

The RB55 offers the capacity and capability to tackle and devour acres and acres of land with ease. Its remarkably compact and lightweight design also produces less compaction compared to competitors in its class.

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