Innovative crop spraying technologies

Every last detail of a Bateman sprayer is uniquely designed and built by us to deliver outstanding performance in the most efficient way. It comes from our lifelong commitment to delivering uncompromised performance and uncommonly simple operation and maintenance.

We’re equally driven by quality control, which is why you’ll find few manufacturers are quite as testing as Bateman. Our teams spend hours researching both in the factory and on the field to ensure every inch of the machine isn’t simply up to standard, but sets the bar for the industry. The result is a sprayer that delivers a low cost of ownership and impressive residual value, and consistently passes the test on even the most challenging of terrains.

The latest technical updates from Bateman Sprayers

Bateman spraying system

Simply Better with Bateman Boom Levelling

Simply Better, with Bateman Boom Levelling. The Bateman ethos of ‘innovation simply applied’ comes in part from our background as farmers. Innovation is important, farmers and growers are always looking for those marginal gains that make such a big difference, but if you are making things better simplicity must be at the core. Our latest…

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New E-Drive gives you even more control

New E-Drive gives you even more control. We pride ourselves on ‘keeping the wheels turning’ for our customers and maintaining the our position as ‘second to none’ for self-propelled crop sprayers. The philosophy of innovative thinking, simply applied, drives our business as much today as when the first Bateman was built nearly 50 years ago.…

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Bateman Pinpoint II PWM

Blended Pulse Nozzle Control with Capstan Ag Pinpoint III

Blended Pulse Nozzle Control with Capstan Ag Pinpoint III. Developed with our partner, Capstan AG, PinPoint III Envelop™ is the next generation of blended pulse width modulation (PWM) system. PinPoint III combines the pressure control and performance valve driving of PinPoint II but adds ISOBUS VT/UT compatibility along with full rate controller functionality, expanding the…

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Bateman RB55 Upgrade

Bateman RB55 Upgrade

Bateman Sprayers RB55 Upgrade Our popular 5,600 litre RB55 model has received an upgrade to the transmission, including cruise control and sport mode. The result is a more balanced and responsive joystick which works in harmony with the John Deere 275bhp, 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine. We are also delighted to announce that our John…

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Bateman Boom Levelling System

New boom levelling system from Bateman Sprayers

New boom levelling system from Bateman Sprayers Our new Boom Levelling system (BBL) takes boom levelling to the next stage. More accurate and faster to react Designed to work with our highly acclaimed Variable Geometry Boom, BBL controls the boom to follow the contours of the ground accurately and effortlessly. The terrain is monitored via…

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Brian Finstrom Interview

Brian Finstrom discusses Pinpoint II Pulse Width Modulation

Brian Finstrom discusses Pinpoint II Pulse Width Modulation Capstan AG is our Pulse Width Modulation partner. Brian Finstrom from Capstan recently joined us on our stand at LAMMA 2020 and a subsequent customer day to demonstrate why you should be specifying Pinpoint ll Pulse Width Modulation on your Bateman. For those who were not able…

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RB55 tank size increase

New 5,600 litre capacity tank for the RB55

New 5,600 litre capacity tank for the RB55 Crop Sprayer. Bateman Sprayers have chosen LAMMA 19 to introduce new developments to our range of crop sprayer tanks. Following consultations with our customers, we are introducing a 5,600 litre capacity tank. The new tank is designed to fit the RB55 self-propelled sprayer and will be available…

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