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Bateman Sprayers Demo Programme 2022

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Our demo RB35 is fitted with Pinpoint III PWM, Bateman Boom Levelling, E-Drive and more. See all our latest innovations put through their paces on your farm.

    Why your business needs a Bateman Sprayer

    Our self-propelled sprayers offer the best possible ownership experience to UK Growers and Contractors.

    Owning a Bateman is more than a transaction

    We help you drive your cost per hectare down, by custom building the right sprayer for your business, then backing you up with the wealth of knowledge only a Bateman operator receives.

    Why you can rely on us
    · Our product specialists can help you choose the right Bateman
    · Our technical support team is available 7 days a week
    · We have dedicated field engineers, who we have trained in-house, working throughout the UK
    · We also have Service Agent support available in your area

    An RB35 operator’s view…

    Need help spreading the cost?

    We understand the nature of both growing and contracting businesses and we listen to our customers. The need to know your costs and the ability to maximise profit are perhaps more important than ever. This is why we introduced Bateman Finance.

    Our customers told us that having to get quotes, which offer additional security beyond the machine itself and getting requotes was just too time consuming. We listened. We’ll provide indicative quotes when pricing your new machine, adjusting to meet your needs. We will coordinate finance completion around the delivery date of your new machine, backed by agri-finance specialists.

    And the best thing is we do not take any commission. Zero. What we want is for you to get the best finance package possible for your new Bateman sprayer.

    What this means for you
    · Joined up process for specifying, quoting and financing
    your new sprayer
    · Helps you to manage your budget and track your
    operating costs
    · Designed specifically for our Bateman customers
    · Flexible contract hire and hire purchase options
    · Very competitive rates

    For more information, contact us on 01769 580439, or visit our Finance page.

    An RB26 operator’s view…

    Innovative, efficient, and a great investment

    Since 1976, we’ve led the way in crop sprayer design, research and development.

    We always listen to customer feedback, and never stop looking for a better way to continuously improve our products and proprietary systems. The result? You’re assured of the latest technical features that will benefit your farm, with great long-term value in your investment.

    How our crop sprayers help you get the best return
    · BBL Boom Levelling now offers even better accuracy over mixed terrain ››
    · Pinpoint III pulse width modulation gives maximum nozzle control ››
    · Bateman Accurate system provides even flow of fertiliser
    · Excellent residual value for when you come to upgrade

    Ready to speak with our sales team? Call 01769 580439.

    Our crop sprayer features and benefits…

    Three routes to better spraying

    There are three models in the Bateman line up. Simple, logical design both inside and outside the cab places the operator in a very comfortable and productive environment.

    Designed to deliver exceptional reliability in the most arduous of conditions, our sprayers are renowned for their durability and are both easy and cost effective to maintain throughout their lifetime.

    What this means for you
    · RB26 – 3000-litre fully baffled tank, boom to 36m and 185bhp engine ››
    · RB35 – 4000-litre fully baffled tank, boom to 36m and 225bhp engine ››
    · RB55 – 5100 or 5600 fully baffled tank, boom to 42m and 275bhp engine ››

    RB55 Chassis

    “We know our machines inside out. Every last detail of a Bateman sprayer is designed and built by us to deliver outstanding performance in the most efficient way. Our crop sprayers are simple to operate, easy to maintain and return a low cost of ownership with fantastic residual value.”

    Jason Bateman, Bateman Sprayers

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