Blended Pulse Nozzle Control with Capstan Ag Pinpoint III.

Developed with our partner, Capstan AG, PinPoint III Envelop™ is the next generation of blended pulse width modulation (PWM) system.

PinPoint III combines the pressure control and performance valve driving of PinPoint II but adds ISOBUS VT/UT compatibility along with full rate controller functionality, expanding the flow and pressure stability to another level of control all through compatible ISOBUS displays. Individual nozzle resolution on your primary display allows for synchronized as-applied maps and volume counters and easier operation per a prescription map.

Turn Compensation, Valve Diagnostics, easier nozzle profile changes, and setup are all redesigned to display and operate on the VT and continue to provide the operator-focused information that enable the most confident application possible.

The expanded speed and application rate ranges that PWM is known for are still present with even better pressure and rate stability. Further features include iOS/Android app-based software updates, the option to operate the system with even higher resolution on an iPad or tablet with increased overlap control*. The system is also compatible with see-and-spray control systems.

PinPoint II systems are able to be upgraded to PinPoint III to bring the new features to existing installations.

*Additional hardware required.

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Bateman Pinpoint III Pulse Width Modulation
Bateman Pinpoint III Pulse Width Modulation

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