David Jones ‘Straight Talking’ – RB35 Crop Sprayer testimonial.

David Jones is a partner in JH & M M Jones, based just outside Stratford upon Avon. The business grows 1100 hectares of combinable crops – wheat, oilseed rape, winter barley and spring beans.

What Bateman sprayer do you run?
We currently run an RB35 with a 32 meter boom. This time we added Bateman Boom Levelling, Capstan Pinpoint III Pulse Width Modulation and E-Drive transmission. We also specified oversize, taller tires.

How long have you been running Bateman sprayers?
We changed to the Bateman machines in 1999, back then with an RB25.

You chose Pinpoint III Pulse Width Modulation – what difference has it made to target application?
The real big difference for us is the timeliness and the application in different weather windows that we seem to experience. We can choose the droplet size to match our forward speed and that also helps us in the more drifty parts of the days on the banks. We’re now in control of our application.

Can you describe the terrain you spray across and the benefits that Bateman Boom Levelling provides?
We’ve got some steep hillsides, some quite sharp cambers and changes on banks, getting that positive negative boom control and now being so precise with the upgrades of the Bateman Boom Levelling System. It’s just opened our windows up even more for spray windows.

The boom hugs the banks on the headland turns, it’s nice and smooth, easy to use and generally we’re just doing a lot better job.

How does E-Drive help crop sprayer performance in the field and on the road?
For us, the E-Drive has made a huge improvement to our actual traction control and stability on our hillsides and undulating land. The E-Drive is acting and putting the correct speeds to the right wheel motors in each corner. It’s always in the right gear at the right time.

It’s nice and smooth and progressive, driving into the field corners you actually feel in control. You can creep back into your corner, engage forward and move on quickly and efficiently.

How would you rate the back up from Bateman?
The Bateman backup is something that always makes me smile and a lot of other users too, because to me it’s second to none. They do a fantastic job. They are a family business, we’re a family business.

The phone service back at Bateman’s headquarters, there’s a lot of knowledgeable people in the office with great on the ground information that can help myself or the operator. If you had a real emergency I know everything’s dropped and they’re out to it, fortunately over the years we haven’t really had to experience that.

Are you able to sum up what owning a Bateman means to you?
It’s the most used machine on the farm. It does the most hours of any machine. Having that connection with Bateman is a big part of our business and being able to discuss improvements and share ideas is fantastic.

The reliability is second to none. They’re known for having very good, strong, second hand values. It’s been a very good experience for us and something that we look forward to continue.

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