Simply Better, with Bateman Boom Levelling.

The Bateman ethos of ‘innovation simply applied’ comes in part from our background as farmers. Innovation is important, farmers and growers are always looking for those marginal gains that make such a big difference, but if you are making things better simplicity must be at the core.

Our latest Bateman Boom Levelling system (BBL) has quickly become a ‘must have’ on orders for new VG boom sprayers. The reason for this is simple – BBL is easy to operate and it enables operators to spray precisely in difficult conditions.

Developed on our farm
Because every Bateman is designed and manufactured by us in-house from the ground up, all aspects of our sprayers are rigorously tested before going to market. The latest upgrade to BBL was put through its paces on the demanding terrain on our own farm, in all weathers and light values.

Bateman Boom Levelling (BBL) spraying system

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    Designed for Variable Geometry booms
    BBL is designed to work in complete harmony with all Bateman Variable Geometry (VG) booms from 24m to 42m. Our VG boom is available as an option on the RB26 and RB35 models, but is a standard feature on the RB55. The VG boom is designed for medium to large-scale farm and contract spraying.

    Maintain pre-programmed spray settings
    Using BBL when you’re in the field couldn’t be simpler. Activated via the Agleader terminal, BBL is an option you can select without the need to change any pre-programmed spray settings.

    Dynamic response to height variations
    Whether you are spraying in mixed terrain, during fading / low light conditions or at night, BBL monitors the terrain via a series of sensors positioned around the machine, which guide the boom immediately a variation in height is detected. The boom adjusts laterally when spraying across or up an incline, whilst boom height and consistency of spray are maintained when spraying in a dip. These functions are achieved across a wide range of target machine speeds.

    Not just for new Bateman VG boom sprayers
    The BBL system is designed to work across all Bateman’s VG booms. BBL has been successfully fitted to older Bateman VG boom models.

    For more information on BBL speak to our technical team on 01769 580439 or email

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