Bateman Sprayers Features and Benefits | Every inch perfected.

We know our machines inside out. Every last detail of a Bateman crop sprayer is designed and built by us to deliver outstanding performance in the most efficient way. Our crop sprayers are simple to operate, easy to maintain and return a low cost of ownership with fantastic residual value.

Keep reading and discover why our policy of continuous development makes Bateman the sprayer of choice for farmers and contractors worldwide…

The Cab – Custom-built For Comfort

Comfort begins the moment you sit in the high-backed, heated and cooled air suspension seat with fore and aft movement. Air quality and circulation is provided by a new climate control system featuring CAT 4 filtration.

Visibility is second to none in a Bateman. Just two carefully positioned pillars dramatically reduce blind spots. To increase visibility further the rate controller is mounted on a retracting bracket.

A more refined & much quieter in-cab experience is provided by improved insulation and the solid, air tight door.

What this means for you…

  • Steel construction, with panoramic tinted glass
  • Automatic climate control system (heating and cooling)
  • DAB radio with 6” LCD touch screen, including Bluetooth phone system and MP3/USB connectivity
  • Telescopic steering column with base and mid joint adjustment

The Chassis – Balanced & Agile

Our chassis is designed for ease of operation, safe weight distribution and minimal compaction across all terrains.

The positive link two/four wheel steering is unique to a Bateman Sprayer. We fit a hydro-mechanical system which changes driving mode without the need of electronic sensors or manual operation.

Time spent changing track width is dramatically reduced via a simple flick of a switch. An electronic display is also fitted for optional in-cab track width adjustment.

Maximum traction, weight distribution and a low centre of gravity are achieved with active suspension and the centrally mounted engine and spray tank.

Bateman Sprayers are powered by John Deere water-cooled, turbo-charged engines. These units generate power where and when you need it, return excellent fuel efficiency and meet stage IV emission standards.

What this means for you…

  • Hydro-mechanical positive link two/four wheel steering
  • Active suspension system
  • Option of boosted hydrostatic and dynamic brakes
  • Removable sprayer pack
  • Hydraulic track width adjustment

The Spraying System – Cool Under Pressure

Efficient, simple to use and highly effective, the Bateman spraying system gets the job done – every time.

The efficiency begins with intuitively designed plumbing for high flow rates and faster filling times. All spraying system operations are performed at low engine revolutions for increased fuel efficiency.

We build air valves into the spray control system. This produces faster, more accurate on/off control of the sprayline, minimising overlap, and increasing the efficacy of the chemicals and fertilizers applied.

We offer a highly effective and well proven system which uses Pulse Width Modulation. Individual nozzle control maintains optimum pressure and droplet size across a range of speeds.

A further benefit of our system is turn compensation. This feature enables the whole boom to maintain optimum application, despite one end of the boom travelling faster than the other. Each nozzle individually adjusts its rate for the turn, combining a perfect dose with consistent droplet size for the area it covers.

What this means for you…

  • 28 mm stainless steel spray line with either single or multi-jet bodies
  • Baffled stainless steel spray tank and integrated clean water rinse tank
  • Options are available from 270 to 1000 litres per minute pumps
  • GPS system compatible spray line
  • Individual nozzle control with pulse width modulation

The Standard Boom – (Anything But Standard)

The Bateman Standard spray boom is renowned for strength, stability and exceptional performance.

Designed for spraying in more compact environments, the Bateman Standard spray boom can be specified on the RB26 and RB35 models and is available from 18m to 24m widths.

When unfolded a mechanical shear bolt system secures the boom in position and self-centring break-backs provide breakaway protection.

What this means for you…

  • Available in 18m, 20m and 24m widths
  • Self-centring break-backs
  • Robust yet lightweight with contour hugging capabilities
  • Can be fitted with all the Bateman nozzle options: – Single nozzle, multi-nozzles and virtual twin-line
  • Nozzle bodies are protected within the boom framework reducing down time through breakage
  • Unique Bateman re-circulation system mean the tank and sprayline
    contents are ‘never still’

The VG Boom – Durable & Dependable

The Bateman Variable Geometry (VG) spray boom is a compact, modular design constructed from strong, specially sourced lightweight steel.

Available in widths from 24m to 42m, the Variable Geometry spray boom is designed for medium to large-scale farm and contract spraying. This boom configuration is available as an option on the RB26 and RB35 and comes as standard on the RB55.

The new Bateman Boom Levelling system has been designed in-house to work with all our Variable Geometry booms across the range.

What this means for you…

  • Available spray widths from 24m to 42m
  • Hydraulic break-backs, at every fold point
  • Can be fitted with Bateman Boom Levelling (BBL)
  • In-house software gives maximum flexibility using positive and negative movement from horizontal
  • Multi-width spraying options on all VG booms
  • Capstan Ag PWM is an optional extra on the VG Boom

The Accurate Fertiliser System – Raising The Bar

The Bateman Accurate Fertiliser system represents the ultimate even-flow fertiliser spraying system.

This innovative system is self-contained – the dribble bars are protected within the framework of the boom. Individual dribble bars are connected via an ingenious linking system forming a straight, solid line, which prevents accidental damage or twisting.

Automatic section control can reduce over application, turning sections on and off at field boundaries and previously applied areas. Real-time crop information is available via sensors that measure crop vigour.

What this means for you…

  • Advanced software stores field mapping information in the command display memory
  • Visual screen guidance with integrated light bar
  • Variable application rate via prescription, satellite or aerial imagery
  • Electric or fully integrated, hydraulic GPS controlled steering systems
  • Boom height control can be fitted via the command display
  • Single spray line for easy application change with 4 settings via the stainless steel metering unit
  • All functions can be managed via one command display

Pinpoint III PWM – Hit The Target, Every Time

Developed with our partner, Capstan AG, PinPoint III Envelop™ is the next generation of blended pulse width modulation (PWM). PinPoint III combines the pressure control and performance valve driving of PinPoint II but adds ISOBUS VT/UT compatibility along with full rate controller functionality, expanding the flow and pressure stability to another level of control all through compatible ISOBUS displays. Individual nozzle resolution on your primary display allows for synchronized as-applied maps and volume counters and easier operation per a prescription map.

Turn Compensation, Valve Diagnostics, easier nozzle profile changes, and setup are all redesigned to display and operate on the VT and continue to provide the operator-focused information that enable the most confident application possible.

The expanded speed and application rate ranges that PWM is known for are still present with even better pressure and rate stability. Further features include iOS/Android app-based software updates, the option to operate the system with even higher resolution on an iPad or tablet with increased overlap control*. The system is also compatible with see-and-spray control systems.

PinPoint II systems are able to be upgraded to PinPoint III to bring the new features to existing installations.

*Additional hardware required.

What this means for you…

  • Wider application speed range, no over/under misapplication
  • Drift management and turn compensation*
  • Uniform pressure and droplet size, chemical and time savings
  • Redesigned interface operates on VT
  • Pinpoint II systems can be upgraded to Pinpoint III

*Turn compensation is a feature in pulse width modulation (PWM) sprayers in which nozzle output matches the boom’s speed during a turn.

Bateman Boom Levelling – Spray More Accurately

Bateman Boom leveling (BBL) is our proven boom leveling system. BBL enables spraying in all types of field and crop growth stage, under a vast range of light conditions and across a wide range of speeds.

Automatic section control can reduce over application, turning sections on and off at field boundaries and previously applied areas. Real-time crop information is available via sensors that measure crop vigour.

Sensors constantly monitor the contours of the terrain for variations in height. This results in a more dynamic boom response, greater agility and a more stable machine environment when spraying across widths of up to 42m.

The BBL system has been designed to work with all our Variable Geometry (VG) booms.

What this means for you…

  • No need to change any pre-programmed spray settings
  • Boom adjusts laterally when spraying across or up an incline
  • Boom height and consistency of spray are maintained when
    spraying in a dip
  • Spray in mixed terrain during fading or low light conditions, or
    when working at night
  • Smooth effortless boom control provides improved machine
    performance and reduced operator fatigue
  • BBL can also be retro fitted to some older models with VG booms

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