Introducing Carl Goff.

Carl Goff recently joined us to assume the role of Technical Sales Manager for the South. At the close of his intense two-week induction at Bateman HQ, we caught up with Carl and posed a few questions to him…

What are your first impressions of Bateman?
Professional and very welcoming, whilst making me feel like part of the team from day one. From the outside looking in they build a reliable, proven sprayer with excellent back up, being in and around the factory for my first two weeks has transformed this perception into reality. Awesome!

How much did you know about Bateman before joining the team?
On a personal level not a lot. I knew that they were the leading manufacturer for self-propelled sprayers in the UK, with superior backup. Every farmer in the country knows Bateman and growing up in the Kent countryside, they were everywhere, an iconic farming machine
The Bateman family have done a great job over the years, it’s exciting to be part of a forward thinking, progressive business that is embracing the technology available and integrating it for farmers to get the most out of their investment.

Your background is agricultural dealer sales, what made you switch to a manufacturer?
The manufacturing side has always fascinated me, I like being at the forefront of what’s new and upcoming in the future. It’s a niche and fairly unique business that deals directly with the customer, whereas most manufacturers deal through dealerships, therefore I get the best of both worlds.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be?
I think sometimes meeting customers’ lead time expectations, particularly in the current climate, can be a challenge, especially due to the demand of the Bateman product. However, on the flip side I have been very impressed by the sheer amount of component stock that the factory holds.

Production capacity has never reduced, customers’ have always been able to get hold of spares no matter what, even during the recent COVID pandemic. The Bateman mantra “Keeping the Wheels Turning” is evident throughout the company, everyone I have spoken to is dedicated to producing the best sprayers. It’s quite incredible.

European built sprayers have naturally become competition over the past few years. Bateman’s forward thinking approach and their technology has helped keep the brand at the forefront of customers minds when they are looking to change their sprayer.

How do you see the next 12 months going for UK agricultural machinery sales?
There is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment which naturally is going to have an effect on people’s decision making process. However, the world still needs feeding in which British agriculture has a big part to play therefore we will still move forwards.

A lot of professional farming businesses have got a machinery exchange policy so in essence I see Agriculture being quite buoyant for the next 12 months and onwards.

Personally I view the sprayer as the most important machine on the farm, helping to nurture the crop through the season therefore, it’s the one machine that farmers will most likely keep up to date over other machinery. It’s important also that the new technology meets legislative requirements and in turn makes a farm a lot more efficient.

What are you looking forward to the most?
I’ve always had a passion for farming and British agriculture as a whole. I’m really looking forward to meeting new customers from different areas of the UK and observing the way they farm and asking how they see the future of farming in the UK.

I’m also excited to be dealing with our overseas customers and learning how their farming techniques and cropping differ from the UK market.

Any vehicle, anywhere in the world. What is it and where would you be?
Aston Martin DB9 in Barbados!
The DB9 is an iconic car and with the noise of the V12, it takes some beating in my eyes. I love the Caribbean islands but Barbados is by far my favourite. Paired it would be the ultimate driving experience.

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carl goff, technical sales manager for bateman sprayers

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