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Out in front for back up

In a world of so-called customer service where ‘computer says no’ is deemed a quality experience, it’s reassuring to know that in the event that you need our assistance, you’ll actually get to speak to someone who can genuinely help.

A phone call to our office will put you in touch with our Team Bateman sprayer specialists. Between the team there’s a wealth of technical knowledge spanning all eras of Bateman sprayers, more often than not they will get you up and running without the need of a service visit.

It’s about making a difference to you and your work, as Bateman Sprayer Specialist Mark Bawden explains: “It’s not just a job, I really enjoy what I do, it’s the same for all of us. I think it helps that we’re in an office together and can share knowledge to help each other out. I couldn’t see it working if we were all remote. Getting a customer up and running is very satisfying, particularly when it’s been a challenge, but that’s what we’re here for.”

david jones on bateman aftercare

Warwickshire based farmer and RB35 owner David Jones really appreciates the service our office-based support team provides: “The Bateman back up is something that always makes me smile. To me it’s second to none, there’s a lot of knowledgeable people in the office with great on the ground information that can help me and my operator. They do a fantastic job.”

If for any reason we can’t fix your problem over the phone, we run our own team of dedicated service engineers, trained in-house, covering the whole of the UK and Ireland. This enables us to prioritise calls to breakdowns and ensures that when our engineer arrives they will have the right parts for your sprayer. Our service engineers are not paid by the hour, so they won’t leave you until you’re back up and running.

Sam Kay farms in the Vale of York and operates an RB35. In over a decade of running a Bateman there have been few occasions for the need of an engineer. However, Sam has been impressed when a visit has been required: “In the event of a breakdown which can’t be fixed over the phone, I’m astonished at how quickly an engineer is on site, making sure that we’re back up and running.”

sam kay on bateman backup

Another unique feature of Bateman is the range and depth of Parts that we stock for all eras of our crop sprayers. The majority of component parts on our sprayers are manufactured in our factory, which means that parts are readily available off the shelf for immediate dispatch. If you order an urgent part before 1pm, our parts team will endeavour to get the part to you for the very next day.

stuart burman on preowned sprayer aftercare

For over a decade Stuart Burnham has run a legacy Bateman RB15 which was joined fairly recently by a legacy RB35. Stuart is very impressed by the availability of parts for legacy sprayers: “Parts are readily available and reasonably priced; they arrive the next day if you order them in time. I’ve never had to have a parts book to give Bateman a part number, whoever you’re talking to on the phone knows exactly what you’re talking about, I don’t know how they do that? I cannot fault them.”


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