Amazing feedback from demos, shows and videos.

Team Bateman are currently travelling across the UK to show off the host of exciting new features on their RB35 36M VG demonstrator.

New technology for 2021 includes Capstan PinPoint III Envelop, an upgrade to Bateman’s increasingly popular Pulse Width Modulation system. Customer and operator feedback is just as positive for Bateman’s new ‘E – Drive’ 4 – speed transmission with road and field modes, fully automatic with cruise control and all new dynamic stability control.

There’s obviously been much talk across the gate; with a demonstration season running through to November, Bateman also found time to exhibit at Cereals 2021. With 5 new Bateman sprayers on show and 3 demonstrating in the arena, underlining the company’s dedication to UK spraying.

Cereals wasn’t the only recent diversion from Bateman’s bustling demo schedule. Olly Harrison has become a bit of a YouTube sensation with his on-farm videos. Bateman welcomed Olly to their factory to see his new RB55 in the making. Olly’s video from his day sums up Bateman – market leading sprayers manufactured entirely from the ground up on a working arable farm in Britain.

Bateman believe they have developed a range of self-propelled crop sprayers, which offers the best possible ownership experience to UK growers and contractors.

Would you like to book a demo? Contact us today and arrange for the Bateman Demonstration Team to visit your farm.

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Bateman Sprayers Stand at Cereals 2021
Bateman RB35 Sprayer at Cereals 2021

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