team bateman at lamma 24

Team Bateman at LAMMA 24

Team Bateman were out in force at LAMMA 24. Eleven members of our sales and technical support teams were only too pleased to field questions from existing customers and potential customers interested in moving to Bateman. There’s definitely a change in how farmers are investing in spraying equipment…

The drive for greater efficiency

Conversations on stand were much the same as we’ve been having in the field – farmers and growers are looking to be more efficient with their spraying. Whether it’s increasing capacity with larger tanks and wider booms, or fitting auto section control, auto steering or the full pulse width modulation system. Besides the efficiencies these upgrades offer in their own right, it’s worth noting that the residual value on the machine will be greater such is the demand for this type of technology.

jason bateman at lamma 24

Talking of Pulse Width Modulation…

We were delighted once again to welcome Brian Finstrom to our stand over both days. Brian is Operations Specialist at our partner company Capstan AG. Brian’s demonstrations of the benefits of Capstan 3 Pulse Width Modulation proved to be thought provoking for many an audience. Here’s why…

A good example would be… If you replace 10 auto sections with individual nozzle control, it’s possible to shrink the farm size between 3 and 5%. Therefore, huge savings can be made with reduced chemical usage. Savings increase further still if liquid fertiliser is being applied via the sprayer.

brian finstrom demonstrates pinpoint iii pwm

However, the primary benefit of PWM is better spraying. The operator is able to select the best pressure, droplet and coverage for the task uniformly across the whole field, even on corners.


Big interest in our smallest machine

This year our RB26 was on show at LAMMA, the RB26 is the smallest machine in our range. It comes into its own on smaller farms and even for those contractors who require the output of a self-propelled sprayer, but like the compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable nature of this machine, and the fact it treads very lightly across the ground. The RB26 also offers the same options of Bateman Boom Levelling and Pulse Width Modulation, which are available on the larger RB35 and RB55 machines.

Leaving a smaller footprint

Also, on display at LAMMA was our ever popular RB35 sprayer. This machine was fitted with our Michelin AXIOBIB2 600/70 R30 VF floatation tyres. Tyre choice is a crucial decision when buying a sprayer, as agricultural machinery increases in size, so does the need to reduce compaction.

Tyre technology is something that we always consider when advising our customers. For instance, Very High Flexion (VF) technology offers the dual benefits of carrying the same load as a standard tyre in the same size, but at 40% lower pressure, or carrying 40% more load than a standard tyre in the same size at the same pressure.

a busy bateman stand at lamma

Reflecting on a great show for Bateman

Carl Goff is Bateman Technical Sales Manager for the South and Overseas, he commented: “It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces and to meet new people keen to know more about Bateman. Conversations were wide ranging; however, a common theme was cost of ownership, largely driven by the soaring costs of farm inputs. Farmers are looking for efficiencies to offset these overheads.

carl goff at lamma 24

“Another talking point was compaction. Our RB26 on the stand made a few people stop and talk to us about lighter weight machines, prompting some conversations about treading more lightly in wetter seasons, such as we’re experiencing right now and for much of last year.

“Quite a few customers couldn’t make the show, they were still trying to drill winter crops. I hope they have had more success this time and we look forward to catching up with them soon. It’s been a buoyant start to year in terms of enquiries, let’s hope this is an indicator of better times ahead for farmers and growers.”

Would you like to start a conversation?

Would you like to book a demo and see our RB35 crop sprayer in your field? Contact us today and arrange for the Bateman Demonstration Team to visit your farm.

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