Q&A with Tom Jenkinson – the only Bateman authorised partner for Ireland.

“Tom Jenkinson is someone we trust to look after our customers and our reputation across Ireland. We have worked together for many years and time and time again Tom has demonstrated an affinity for our engineering philosophy, has kept the wheels turning’ and been a key part of Team Bateman. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenkinsons for all your Bateman requirements.”
Jason Bateman – CEO


What area do you cover?
We look after Bateman sprayers throughout all of Ireland.

How long have you been selling and supporting Bateman sprayers?
F Jenkinson Ltd has been in the agri sales and service business since Frank set up the enterprise in 1974. To us, Bateman is a company with products that we can work with and trust, and produces sprayers that we can stand behind. For that reason, our team started work providing both support and sales for Bateman in 2010, and we’ve been building ever since.

What spraying challenges do your customers typically face?
I think the biggest challenge facing customers seems to be the weather, you can have everything planned and perfected the way you want it but the weather can make or break your season.

Reliability is also key, you need your machinery performing at the critical times, especially working around the weather, so that’s an important consideration.

I would also say value for money. More and more customers are looking at the costs, euro per hour and so forth, so you want that cost of ownership figure to represent good value.

How does a Bateman sprayer help them to overcome these challenges?
Weight distribution and balance for those wet autumns or springs. Reliability to keep going when you’re under pressure and back-up help to keep you going if you need it. Ever since we started working with Bateman, the rate of change and evolution of the machines has been impressive, particularly on the technology front. They’ve kept the core values of ‘Strength and Simplicity’ with a commitment to ‘Team Bateman’ and “keep the wheels turning.” These things haven’t changed, which is great.

What does Bateman mean to you?
Excellent product with a dedication to continually improve.

Visit the F. Jenkinson website at www.fjenkinson.ie.

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