Ode To A Bateman.

The rugged beauty of the Scottish landscape has inspired many an ode. Scottish farmer and Bateman customer Alan Grant was so full of the joys of Spring he felt the need to wax lyrical… about his Bateman! Here’s what Alan shared with us…

‘My Spring Delight’

Those that know me will vouch for the fact that I’m no poet or writer, but my sheer delight at seeing Spring come round again, has made me put pen to paper. To others, springtime means new born lambs, flowers & bird song, but I say keep your snowdrops, daffodils, lambs and calves… it’s goodbye to winter, hello to new plant life popping up to warm sunshine, blue skies and a new season. I set off with joyful enthusiasm, a spring in my step and a tuneful whistle.

Spring to ME, is the delightful sweet whine of the BATEMAN heading off with its first load of liquid fertiliser to accurately apply it to feed new life into the winter crops of oil seed rape, wheat and barley. My trusty BATEMAN is now my constant companion, serviced and raring to go.

Just as the sun rises over the hill at the crack of dawn, I can hear the purr of the engine gently and ably powering the red machine up the hill. I just know that with great weight distribution on the flotation tyres, when the BATEMAN leaves the field, there will be no deep tramlines left behind.

As the BATEMAN springs into life for another season, the sun glinting off the shiny windows as it turns into the next tramline, I am one joyful enthusiastic driver.

Alan Grant, Spring 2021

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Ode To A Bateman

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