naked truths with carl goff

Naked Truths: Carl Goff

We’ve teamed up with YANA (You Are Not Alone) to promote mental wellbeing within the agricultural and rural community. Our Naked Truths calendar features thirteen of our finest, who stripped off for a good cause.

Carl Goff is our Technical Sales Manager for the South, he is also ‘Mr January’. Fresh from signing autographs at his local farmers’ market, we caught up with Carl to find out why he bared all?

What made you decide to strip off for the camera?
I thought it was a good way to promote mental health in a slightly different way. Here at Bateman, we have a large audience in the agricultural sector, which gives us an opportunity to promote the support that is available if and when someone may need it.

I’m pretty sure that farmers don’t necessarily want to see half naked men on their office walls. However, if it grabs their attention, promotes awareness for mental health and encourages them to look out for themselves or others around them, then that can only be a good thing.

I’ve met many farmers who talk about the poor weather/seasons, input costs, marginal profits etc. Whilst I’m sure the majority have it all in hand within the farming cycle of life, for those who are struggling behind the scenes, a phone call can make a real difference. You are not alone!

Are you happy to share a personal story that is relevant?
In 2018 we lost our first child, which completely destroyed us mentally and could have ended in one of two ways. With help from friends and family we reached out to local support groups for counselling, which over time helped us to progress in a positive direction.

We met lots of people in similar or worse situations than ours, eventually we became the ones helping to support those people grow in confidence, which for me was a marker in the sand. We had reached a better place mentally. Keeping in touch with some of those people or just seeing their posts on social media every now and then, can boost confidence that life is a gift, enjoy it as this is not a rehearsal.

Why do you think it’s important to promote mental wellbeing?
Farming can be rewarding. However, at times it can also be hard work and mentally draining, particularly when working in remote places and dealing with poor yields. By simply showing that help is available is a step in the right direction.

Gone are the days when you ‘Just need to get on with it’. Talking about your worries and anxieties with someone who isn’t going to judge you, can put you in a much better head space and help you plan for a brighter future. Life throws all sorts of things at us, whether it be over a period of time wearing us down or when we least expect it. I want people to know that help is only a confidential phone call or email away.

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About YANA
YANA exists to improve the mental health of those involved with agriculture. With a website full of useful information about mental health, practical resources, and a helpline that provides much needed support, the quality of life for many is improved. YANA understands agriculture and mental health and remains by your side if and when you need to talk.

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