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In The Field April 2024

Discussing the weather is a national pastime. Without dwelling on the subject, it’s certainly been a challenging year so far, let’s hope the second half of the year brings more stable conditions.

We’ve been delighted with recent feedback from some of our customers. In spite of the proverbial rainfall, they’ve still been able to travel with their Bateman’s whilst their neighbours could only watch. I think this is a valuable point, when considering the lighter weight of our machines compared to other makes.

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It’s demo season again! Without wishing to labour a point, because our machines have been proving their efficiency credentials during our ‘monsoon season’, we’ve even managed to complete some on-farm demonstrations. Our Team Bateman demo team will soon be heading to all parts of the UK, I’m looking forward to meeting farmers and contractors over the next few months.

An interesting trend has been the recent increase in enquiries from farmers using trailed sprayers. The reduced weight our products offer – fewer axles and close to 50:50 weight distribution when the booms are unfolded, provides a much more stable platform when traversing over very soft ground.

In-depth cost of ownership comparisons between a Bateman versus a trailed sprayer have proved very interesting. Calculating the combined depreciation of the tractor and the trailed sprayer, our sprayers cost considerably less per hour, per hectare.

Our Pinpoint III PWM continues to impress farmers and contractors alike. The system’s ability to create extra spray days opens up more possibilities than a standard air-controlled sprayer. For example, controlling of pressure and droplet size provides the operator with more flexibility to travel on those ‘catchy days’, of which, more recently, we’ve had our fair share.

Over the last couple of years, the subject of tyre technology has gained traction. A greater choice of VF and IF tyres means we’re working more closely with customers to help them make a more informed choice.

The majority of our larger RB35 & RB55 machines are leaving the factory fitted with narrower but taller low ground pressure tyres. Once again, feedback has been very encouraging. Customers have travelled earlier in the season than they felt they would have done with their previous machines.

A couple of recent farm sales have come to our attention. Although we’re living in exceptional times, the fact that 2 Bateman sprayers sold at auction for more than the respective customers paid for them new, underlines the value our machines hold within the market. Bateman’s low cost of ownership and high residual value has always meant a lot to our customers, it means even more right now.

Over the coming months we will be attending the Essex Young Farmers Show in May (a first for us), along with the Cereals show and others. I look forward to seeing many of you soon, let’s have a chat about driving your spraying costs down…

In The Field with Carl Goff

Carl Goff is Technical Sales Manager South.
Tel: 01769 618650
Mob: 07977 279809

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