Dunmore Hind ‘View From The Cab’ – RB55 Crop Sprayer testimonial

Dunmore Hind farms wheat, barley, rape and spring oats in South Lincolnshire. Dunmore operates a Bateman RB55 and here he tells us why.

Why did you choose Bateman?
“I know a lot of people who have always run Bateman sprayers and swear by them, so I thought we ought to see one for ourselves and arranged a demo. We had originally planned for a 32m boom but the demo machine was 36m, however, after about 100yds into the field we couldn’t believe how good the boom was, in fact it was phenomenal. We actually ended up fitting a 40m boom and are delighted that we went that much wider.”

How have you found operating a Bateman?
“It’s easy to drive and comfortable, the fields are all mapped, so we literally turn onto tramlines and hit the buttons – the boom levelling runs perfectly, the steering runs itself and you can sit and enjoy a coffee whilst you drive down the field.

We opted for twin spray pumps to reduce downtime when filling, as I want to get water or liquid fertilizer in as quickly as possible. We can now get about 700 litres a minute in the tank which saves us a lot of time.

People think of Lincolnshire as being flat, but we’re on undulating ground here, which is why we were initially apprehensive to go with such a wide boom. However, we needn’t have worried, the boom levelling follows the ground so well that our spraying time has reduced considerably.”

What do you think of the cab?
“It’s got a lot of room, the layout is very good and it’s simple to operate. There is no back window, but I have to say it’s not something I’ve missed, as you can never see anything anyway. In the Bateman I can see everything around my shoulders and around the sides so basically everything I need to see. We’re very, very pleased with it.”

What is your impression of Bateman’s aftercare support?
“When I ring the office somebody answers the phone that knows who I am, what machine I drive and all about it. I’m not passed from pillar to post and you can’t fault that level of knowledge and service.”

Now that you’re the proud owner of a Bateman, how would you sum it up?
“One of the most pleasurable jobs on the farm is driving the Bateman sprayer.”

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Dunmore Hind
Dunmore Hind RB55

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