RB26 crop sprayer with standard boom

Do you take the Standard or Variable route?

An important question when specifying a sprayer is which boom configuration is most suitable?

We offer two different booms at Bateman, Standard Contour and Variable Geometry. Both booms are strong, reliable and well respected within the industry, boasting millions of spraying hours behind them. The floating design of our booms provides more control of boom height and contouring compared to other booms on the market.

Our Contour boom is designed for spraying in more compact environments, this robust, well-built boom provides great height control and contouring on rolling topography. The Standard Contour boom is available on our RB26 and RB35 models in 18m to 24m widths.

The Variable Geometry boom offers more flexibility to customers that farm on more challenging and undulating ground. Positive and negative incline off the main centre frame provides greater accuracy when spraying on banks. Available in widths from 24m to 42m, our Variable Geometry boom is available as an option on the RB26 and RB35 and comes as standard on the RB55.

Another unique benefit of the Variable Geometry boom is hydraulic breakback. Situated at every fold point down the boom, even at the main centre frame joint, hydraulic breakback affords the operator peace of mind that should they get too close to that pole or tree in the field, we’ve got their back.

The Bateman boom is a modular design, which means it’s relatively quick and inexpensive to change the boom width if you decide to change your on-farm plans or when the machine is sold to the next owner who requires a different size. There’s always value in a Bateman boom, spare sections are often offered for sale by farmers and are much sought after for the aforementioned reason.

Because we design and manufacture our booms in-house, there are endless possibilities for bespoke configurations. For example, a customer recently requested Triplex nozzle bodies with our Accurate second line on a Contour boom. Ordinarily this wouldn’t work, however, a discussion in our design room led to a modification which created more space but still retained the integral strength. The result was a boom configuration that matched the customer’s exact requirement.

To find out which boom will suit your work best contact us on: 01769 580439

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