David Goulbourne with his RB35 crop sprayer

David Goulbourne ‘Straight Talking’ – RB35 Crop Sprayer testimonial.

Can you describe the nature of your work?
Contract spraying across a variety of arable crops, also applying slug pellets plus fertiliser spreading with a Bredal demount.

What spraying challenges do you face?
The weather is the greatest challenge. I would also say that making sure you are clean when changing between different crops. Being aware of environmentally sensitive issues where you are spraying, such as the proximity to houses and the general public.

What do you look for in a sprayer to meet your needs?
I need reliability, a machine that’s easy to use and a comfortable environment to work in. Also, because I like to carry out my own oil and oil filter changes, plus other remedial work, it must be easy to maintain and service. However, above all I want a good resale value.

RB35 crop sprayer seen from above

What Bateman sprayer do you run?
I drive a 2012 RB35 with a 30-metre boom. This is my fifth Bateman sprayer.

Which options are fitted and what difference do they make to your work?
This machine is fitted with Agleader which is supported by Precise Solutions. It is run through Paradyne with full RTK, 10 section cut off on 30 metres. It means that spraying accuracy is far greater. I have always maintained that GPS won’t earn you any money, but it takes the stress out of the job on long days.

Around 3 years ago, with 9,000 hours on the clock, I upgraded to Bateman’s own boom levelling system, also with negative camber rams for boom inclination. This has transformed boom control,  best money I had spent in a long time.

Why do you choose Bateman?
When attending the Sprays and Sprayers show that used to be held in Duxford, I visited the Bateman stand and spoke to Richard and Sally Bateman. I was given a tour of the HILO sprayer and put my name down for a demonstration. A few weeks later, Richard and a very young Jason visited with the sprayer, I was impressed and ordered one.

I think the main reason I’ve stayed with Bateman across five machines is the simplicity of the engineering. For me there’s no other sprayer, in 34 years I’ve never looked anywhere else.

David Goulbourne in the cab of his RB35

How long have you been running Bateman sprayers?
My business has relied on Bateman sprayers since 1990.

How do you find the cost of ownership?
In some respects, the cost of ownership depends on how you treat the machine. If you keep up to date with servicing and maintenance a Bateman is a very cost-effective machine to run. This is reflected in the second hand values of Bateman’s, even when approaching 12,000 hours.

How would you rate the back up from Bateman?
The back up from Bateman is first class. If it can’t be sorted by a phone call, one of Bateman’s engineers will call in and get me up and running in no time. If I need a part it generally arrives here the next day.

Are you able to sum up what owning a Bateman means to you?
I feel part of what seems like a big family, just as important as anyone else, even though I’m a one man operation. This feeling of belonging runs through everyone you speak to at Bateman, I think it’s really unique, long may it continue.

Rear view of David's RB35 Bateman sprayer

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