Bateman Sprayers High Hour Heroes

Are you a High Hour Hero?

You often tell us just how much you like spending time in your Bateman. We’d love to know how many hours you’ve done in your current machine.

Whether you’re in a 1990 Hi Lo or a 2023 RB35, we’d like you to get in touch. To qualify as a High Hour Hero, it’s not the age of machine that matters but the hours it’s doing –  the more the better!

In addition, we’d really like to find the oldest Bateman still in use in the UK. There are plenty that we know of, but there may be one or two that we don’t.

There’s a £150.00 Team Bateman merch voucher for the highest hours and the oldest machine still running. Share your story by completing the simple form and send us a picture of you and your Bateman by 31st March 2024.

Bateman Sprayer operator Stuart Burman
Stuart Burman runs two Bateman sprayers – an RB15 with a 24mtr Contour Boom and a 2,500ltr tank and also an RB35 with a 24mtr Variable Geometry Boom and a 4000ltr tank.

Tell us about your High Hour Hero

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