Inside the Bateman cab

A cab for all seasons

Bateman is unique in that we design and build a cab completely from scratch in our factory.

Not relying on third parties brings many benefits, in particular we have the autonomy to introduce design innovations, plus the flexibility to retrofit components and wiring to customers’ machines.

We’ve always designed our sprayers around the operator. The unique curvature of the glass provides greater visibility to the boom whilst spraying. We also believe an operator should be safe from potentially harmful vapours, this is why the air in our cabs is circulated via CAT4 Filtration. Unlike other manufacturers who either don’t specify it from new or in some cases don’t even offer it as an option, CAT 4 Filtration is fitted as standard across our model range.

When you spend long hours in the cab, you deserve a comfortable, effortless operator environment. We believe our cab offers the ideal solution; this is what some of our customers have to say…

“The cab is very comfortable, it’s got a good air conditioning system, you’re not taxed at the end of the day.”
David White, RB26 Operator

“Good visibility all round, it’s an absolutely fantastic cab. We often do 12 hour days, you get out of the cab feeling just as fresh as you did when you got in.”
Richard Fox, RB35 Operator

“It’s got a lot of room; the layout is very good and it’s simple to operate. We’re very, very pleased with it.” Dunmore Hind, RB55 Operator

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