The Bateman Sprayers stand at LAMMA 2023

LAMMA 2023.

LAMMA is the UK’s premier farm machinery show; we’re very proud of the fact that every inch of a Bateman sprayer is built in the UK. The feedback our team received from visitors to the stand was overwhelmingly supportive of the work we do at our factory, in our own fields and those of our customers to continually develop Great British Sprayers.

New Spot Spraying technology gained much interest

SmartStriker™ is an exciting new innovation we are trialling on our sprayers. Developed by agricultural technology specialists Carbon Bee, SmartStriker™ is the world’s first real time spot spraying solution with Green on Green™identification. We were delighted to be joined on our stand by Seref Pinar of Carbon Bee. Seref fielded many questions from customers very interested in the potential of this exciting new partnership with Bateman.

Pulse Width Modulation demonstrations were popular

Once again this year we were joined on our stand by Brian Finstrom who is Operations Specialist at our partner company Capstan AG. Brian was never without an audience during his fascinating demonstrations of the benefits of Capstan 3 Pulse Width Modulation. This latest technology is capable of handling the highest speeds, biggest booms and largest flow rates with pinpoint accuracy and response.

Brian Finstrom of Capstan Ag discussing Pinpoint III Pulse Width Modulation on the Bateman stand at LAMMA

Reflecting on a very successful LAMMA

The fact that both Seref and Brian were inundated with questions regarding technology is a sure sign that the industry is asking for more efficient ways to apply chemicals and fertiliser to crops. We believe that we now have the complete package on offer, the combination of individual nozzle control and spot spraying adds a new dimension to targeted application.

CEO Jason Bateman meeting customers on our LAMMA stand

Carl Goff, Bateman Technical Sales Manager, South…

“It was good to catch up with existing customers and hear their success stories. Equally, it was good to welcome potential new customers to the stand and discuss the benefits we feel Bateman can offer them and their business, especially the low cost of ownership that our current owners are experiencing.

“We’re really excited to see our new innovations being put to work in the field, the potential benefits to customers are huge. I’m looking forward to continuing many conversations that started at LAMMA, it was a great show to kick start the year.”


Jonathan Hardy, Technical Sales Manager North…

“LAMMA sets the standard for the rest of the year; we received a lot of interest in what we’re doing and how we’re doing it from both existing and potential customers. I’m looking forward to further meetings in the field.

“Our focus is concentrated on the future of spraying, integrating new technologies that work in harmony with our range of sprayers. We were first to market with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in the UK and Ireland, our knowledge is unrivalled and the next generation PWM available on our machines moves things on a stage further.  There’s much more to come from Bateman and we’re very excited by the opportunities we’ll be offering to farmers and growers.”


We’ll be at a number of events in 2023

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand. If you were unable to visit LAMMA  we’ll be at a number of events throughout the year and look forward to seeing you there.

Would you like to book a demo in 2023? Contact us today and arrange for the Bateman Demonstration Team to visit your farm.

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